Saturday, December 20, 2008

more ornament projects

This is an old umbrella that no longer had any cloth but, the handle on it is just wonderful so it was saved and this is what we did to it with some more of the old ornaments. It has a stopper on it so that it does not open or close all the way and then it is ready to be hung over a table or in a window.

We took an old cake stand arranged some of the ornaments and put this

glass dome over it. Wonderful or a table center piece.

Working on Christmas projects

We have a collection of tree ornaments and we put our ideas to work coming up with projects to put them to best use. Some of these were even in their orginal old boxes (we saved those from the project pile)
Old bed spring used and we just spun the
ornaments into place they stay well without glue so that they can be moved around.