Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some of the fun at the auction

The fun started early, gathering on the lawn to listen to the music.
The Bandanas played/sang again this year. These three sisters know how to have fun!

The wine for this years event came from local MN/WI wineries.  I hope everyone will make a trip to visit these great wineries this fall.  Cannon River Winery, Danzinger Vineyards, Garvin Heights Vineyards, Salem Glen Winery and Whitewater Wines.  I loved visiting each of them to select the wines we used for the event.   Thank You to each of them!

The' Queen of Junk' was in attendance for the event along with Lani.

Trash to Treasure Charity Auction is over

These are a few of the items on the auction.  Several items were sent to us by bloggers that participated in the junkologie blog contest.   A great big Thank You to Amy who planned the contest and then to all the bloggers that sent items for the auction.   It was fun going to the mail box to see what had arrived each day.   You helped us raise over $3000 for breast cancer research.   Thank YOU!
This chair brought in the largest bid- $275
From JMS blogger Robert (minnow trap)
From two other bloggers;  Laural and Cheri 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Items ready for the Trash to Treasure Auction

A little help from Sophie, some craft birdhouses and
an old wooden ladder and into the garden it will go.
This all ready for a bedside table or entry.
A new paint color and new cushions.  Who will have this
on their porch or bedroom.

This old plant holder has been given a new paint job--wait to see what it
looks like with flowers in it for the auction.
 This little rocker had no back rockers, so it has become a shelf.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Working on 'junk' items for Trash to Treasure

Sopie Loves to paint and this Pfarkel Aunt puts her to work.

Sophie helps Grandma Pfarkel with a painting project.
Do you need pink shoe bookends?  They really go with the Pink for Breast Cancer theme.
One of the finished projects ready to be bid on.

Getting ready for the Trash to Treasure Charity Auction

This years event planning is well on its way.   We are making some changes all for the better!!
We are going to feature several local wineries at this years wine tasting event.
They are thus far:
 Cannon River Winery in Cannon Falls, MN  http://www.cannonriverwinery.com/
 Garvin Heights Vineyards in Winona, MN http://www.ghvwine.com/ ,
 Danzinger Vinyards in Alma, WI http://www.danzingervineyards.com/ ,
 Whitewater Wines in Plainview, MN http://www.whitewatervines.com/ .
We are still working with a couple of others.  So, be sure to attend so that you can try all these lovely wines and see what MN wineries are doing with their grapes.

Wine Tasting at 2009 event