Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4 days before the Auction and more items

This window box was donated by the Kountry Junkers in Chippewa Falls, WI

Two outdoor items my uncle made the chairs, we
just did the painting of them. The Chaise just needed a little cleaning and a new cushion with pillow.

This magazine table has been around awhile, used at college by a neice and then in her apartment and traveled to Las Vegas until she moved into her new home in May and then it returned to MN. It was chippy beige woodtone and has been repainted and some placemats cut and adhered to the surface for a texture.

Will have to take an additional picture of this one in better light. We received a very large table a couple of years ago for the auction but did not have time to work with it until last years auction when the top and leaves to the table became a deacons bench. The base was still remaining so part of it was placed on the bottom of plywood and painted black, mattress places on top and a fitted cover & pillow.

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