Wednesday, July 29, 2009

6th Annual Trash to Treasure Charity Auction

Come join us for the fun at the
6th annual Trash to Treasure Charity Auction
and Wine Tasting Event

It is an event where we repurpose junk for the 'Pink' cause of breast cancer.

It is held on Friday, August 28
at the Victorian Lace
in St. Charles, MN

It is amazing what amount of monies can be raised from 'junk' for a good cause.
Last year we raised almost $6000. We start early as some or most of the junk that we pick up curbside in St. Charles during citywide cleanup day is repurposed and donated to the event.
We are in need of YOUR help too. We hope that you or someone else would repurpose an item or two of 'junk' and donated to the auction. The challenge is on as my sisters and I last year donated almost 40 repurposed items to the auction. We would like to see who else can come close to that even, it that is only 5!!

If you have an item but lack inspiration give us a call or stop by. We are usually working on projects Friday, Saturday and Sunday here at my place (the Victorian Lace)

Check out a couple of websites for ideas like: or

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