Thursday, July 30, 2009

Challenge for Trash to Treasure Charity Auction

A Challenge to all the 'junk' bloggers and others out there.
It will be our 6th Annual Trash to Treasure Charity Auction
Looking to make it the largest and best ever
The cause is a cure for Breast Cancer!!
Event will be held on Friday, August 28, 2009
Wine Tasting begins at 4:30 PM along with live music, snacks and time to view auction items
Live auction begins at 6 PM
Held here at my place under the big white tent
Victorian Lace Inn
St. Charles, MN
The challenge is as follows:
1. Send an item that you have re-purposed to be donated to the auction. Keep the item small for shipping purposes (unless you feel generous). For those of you that live closer or plan to be at Oronoco Gold Rush Day, I can receive items there. I will be at the Junkologie Blog Party on Sat. or we can make other arrangements as I will be there on Fri. and possibly Sun. also. I will take pictures of items as they come in and post here for all to see along with the contributor name. Mailing address is Victorian Lace Inn, 1512 Whitewater Ave. St. Charles, MN. 55972
2. Bid on an item after I have posted the picture. This will be done to my email addresss and we will handle it as a sealed bid to be opened and placed into bid at the auction. Your bid will be the max. you are willing to pay for the item but, you may get the item at a lessor amount depending how bids go on that item. All bid amounts need to be emailed to me by midnight Wed. August 26. If you are a winning bid I will notify you by email and also do a posting of all winning bids received through blog. email addres is
3. Of course, all of you are invited to attend the event in person.
Are you up for the Challenge?!
I hope this will make for a fun event. I know others of you have a cause too and maybe we can do more of these from time to time.

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